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Granular Security

Front Desk Suite is designed to fully integrate with both Housing security process and university secuirty guidelines. We understand that students and parents alike are concerned with the security of their home away from home and Front Desk Suite empowers Housing and Residence departments.

  • Fully isolate or integrate FDS security with the existing domain security
  • Complete audit log of resident verification and guest records
  • Secure historical access to building records
  • Optional ID & picture capture

Fully Customizable & Fully Flexible

Front Desk Suite allows complete customization of its feature set so every department gets tools to simplify their processes. Stop trying to fit a static product to your specific workflow and enable a solution to meet all of your departments needs.

  • Granular control of features, desk workers & building workflows
  • Access to custom code modifications and report building
  • Customer driven development roadmap and feature development

Delightfully Simple

Front Desk Suite impacts the simplicity of housing and residence departments. By automating the organization of records, empowering front desk personnel and simplifying administration of the desk; the Front Desk Suite solution lets housing and residence departments focus on the students.

  • Web Administration portal for anywhere access and management
  • Intuitive worker and administrator user interfaces
  • Fully searchable logs and transactions


Front Desk Suite

Front Desk Suite combines a feature rich Front Desk Management client with powerful web based administrative and reporting functionality. We at Helix understand the need for simple automation of front desk tasks and have developed our solutions to integrate directly with existing resident and housing databases to provide a seemless communication and interaction between the two.

By allowing housing and residence departments to utilize their existing management databases, the Helix solution can quickly fills the gaps in Front Desk management. Access to advanced resident verification, guest registration & tracking, and asset management can now be performed quickly and reliably using existing resident data.

Front Desk Suite Overview Brochure