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Track It!

Few Residence Housing headaches have the tenacity of trying to manually manage room condition reports successfully.

With eRCR™ Suite, take the guess work out of manual workflows. The eRCR™ Suite let's school personnel quickly gather room information, associate photos and notes to assets and clearly define asset conditions. A quick presentation to and acknowledgment by the resident and you are on your way to accurately tracking resident damage.

eRCR™ Suite

eRCRSuite addresses one of the largest concerns in Residence Housing today. How does a residence or school track, account and recoup damages done during the year without spending twice the amount just tracking it?

Enter Helix's eRCR™ Suite. We have taken our modular design approach to deliver a solution aimed at providing an intuitive user friendly approach to recording damages, assessing responsibility and quickly delivering a complete portfolio of the room to future, current and previous occupants. This ensures housing is able to quickly assess the state of any area be it room, communal or complete building and then process any reductions in quality or damages and deliver the results to those responsible.

This fully web based, tablet compatible solution will have housing departments performing their room checks in a fraction of the time previous and combined with the occupant portal, delivery of charges assesed occurs in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Track the damages, recoup the costs!