Helix DC's Front Desk SuiteFront Desk Suite

  • Fully functional desktop client for Front Desks
  • Manage and audit Desk Receptionist use
  • Complete Resident Verification system
  • Track Guest visitation, log departments and building vendors and associate assets 
                • Complete web based administrative and reporting environment
                • Integrate with existing housing databases


Helix DC's Damage BillingDamage Billing

Mitigate your costs

  • Track damages for all building assets
  • Distribute costs across multiples parties
  • Quickly and easily prepare notification letters and website material
                • Securely present damage costs, associated evidence and historical records



Helix DC's Case Tracker - Judicial Tracking SoftwareCase Tracker - Judicial Tracking

  • Easily record conduct violations and enable evidence association to assess a conduct issue
  • Enable Hall Directors and Judicial review boards to review conduct cases and determine actions with the information easily accessible
  • Integrate fully with other Helix modules to address any damage or front desk actions to be taken because of conduct violations.
  • Offers full audit trails of conduct violations and allows departments to track conduct over the life of the student.

Helix DC's Damage BillingStaff Manager

  • Schedule desk receptionist, resident assistant, and facilities management rotations seamlessly
  • Integrate with existing resident databases to assist the Resident Assistants with their programming and floor needs
  • Track time off, vacation, breaks and other hall events while easily disseminating the information to those who need it most.


Solutions - Front Desk Manager, Damage Billing, Incident Management & Staff Management

Front Desk Suite is a combination of a robust Front Desk Client matched with powerful an user friendly Front Desk Administration and Reporting portal. With capabilities for significant customization, current workflow migration and existing application integration Front Desk Suite provides a complete solution for schools to secure their residences and optimize their services.

Damage Billing significantly enhances a schools damage billing workflow and adds key features and processes to ensure schools are no longer writing off lost monies from student damages. By incorporating an audit tracking system with electronic Room Condition Reports, picture capture and detailed workflows, Damage Billing lets schools quickly and efficiently track damages and distribute costs.

Incident Management further enhances the suite of solutions for Residence Life and University Housing by providing a seamless workflow experience from incident capture to consequence management. Our customers have asked us to bring the same workflow and user interface excellence found in our Front Desk Suite and Damage Billing products and provide a robust incident management system. Check back regularly for updates.

Staff Manager is the future of Resident Assistant, Facilities Manager and Hall Director management. We are designing the completely automated system for managing the requirements and responsibilities of the entire Residence Hall and University Housing staff contingent. Please check back regularly for updates.