Empower with Front Desk Suite!

  • Fully featured Guest, Asset & Vendor tracking
  • Advanced resident verification system
  • Complete integration with existing Resident DB
  • Customer driven development road map
Helix DC's Damage Billing

Recoup It with eRCR™ Suite!

  • Establish Consistent Staff Workflow
  • Automate and Simplify information collection
  • Quickly and Securely notify residents of damages


Helix DC's Case Tracker - Judicial Tracking SoftwareCase Tracker -
Incident Management

  • Easily record conduct violations and enable evidence association to assess a conduct issue
  • Enable Hall Directors and Judicial review boards to review conduct cases and determine actions with the information easily accessible
  • Integrate fully with other Helix modules to address any damage or front desk actions to be taken because of conduct violations.
  • Offers full audit trails of conduct violations and allows departments to track conduct over the life of the student.


Helix DC's Damage BillingStaff Manager

  • Schedule desk receptionist, resident assistant, and facilities management rotations seamlessly
  • Integrate with existing resident databases to assist the Resident Assistants with their programming and floor needs
  • Track time off, vacation, breaks and other hall events while easily disseminating the information to those who need it most.


University Housing/Residence Life Software & Beyond

Helix DC provides comprehensive applications to meet the needs of many industries. While we specialize in University Housing and Residence Life Software, such as our flagship product, Front Desk Manager, we have years of experience in providing customized solutions and consultation to higher education, secondary education and other industries.

With the success of our Front Desk Manager, Helix has branched to provide other, modularized solutions to meet the needs of University Housing staff. Damage Billing incorporates a suite of tools to automate and simplify room condition tracking, damage billing collection and syncronization with University accounting.

Helix has also committed to developing both an Incident Management module and a Staff Management module. Our customers enjoy the freedom and customization that our software offers combined with the flexibility to interact with existing Housing platforms.

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